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    A great selection of cold food catering for your function in Brisbane

    Cold finger food catering selections

    At Essentially Gourmet, we believe that cold food is often the best choice of finger food when it comes to catering functions and events. Without needing to worry about keeping the food hot, the food can be prepared and served at a time that’s most convenient to you.

    Our cold savouries are a tasty addition to all kinds of catered menus and the selections are accompanied with freshly made dips and sauces. If you require the assistance of any wait staff for your occasion, we’ll be more than happy to provide that service for you at an additional cost.

    Take a look at our delicious cold food catering selection below.

    • Asian flavoured crab tartlets
    • Asparagus rolls
    • Asparagus rolls with Swiss cheese
    • BBQ pork on rice crackers
    • Beef croutes with mustard mayonnaise
    • Blue cheese asparagus tuiles
    • Bruschetta toast with assorted toppings
    • Buckwheat blini with smoked salmon
    • Cheese platter – quality cheese with garnishes
    • Cheese straws
    • Cheesy ham and melon balls
    • Cherry tomato and bocconcini tartlets
    • Cherry tomato with creamed smoked oyster filling
    • Chicken cheese balls
    • Chorizo and tomato salsa
    • Cocktail club sandwiches
    • Cocktail croissants
    • Cocktail savoury stuffed eggs
    • Combination fruit, cheese and pate platter
    • Coriander lamb croquettes
    • Corn muffins
    • Corn salsa with cumin
    • Crab and lemon dip
    • Crab patties with chilli sauce and pine nuts
    • Creamed prawns in noodle nest
    • Crispy bread fingers
    • Crispy wafers - prawn, poppadom, pita
    • Cucumber and salmon rolls
    • Cucumber cups with Thai beef salad
    • Cucumber rounds with herbed cream cheese
    • Curried chicken and tomato tartlets
    • Curry twists
    • Danish open sandwiches
    • Duck and ginger tartlets
    • Fresh asparagus and prosciutto bundles
    • Fruit platter
    • Ginger beef kebabs
    • Green olives in herb and onion marinade
    • Ham, cheese and pineapple kebabs
    • Herb and garlic mussels
    • Herb toast triangles
    • Herbed cheese and red salmon tartlets
    • Lamb rolls with rosemary hollandaise
    • Marinated artichokes
    • Marinated mini chicken drumsticks
    • Marinated mushrooms
    • Minced lamb kebabs with garlic mint yoghurt
    • Mini vegetarian frittatas
    • Mushrooms with creamy egg
    • Nutty savoury nibbles
      • Asian style
      • Cajun bacon
      • Curried
      • Devilled
      • Ginger macadamia
      • Orange spiced
    • Orange and smoked turkey cubes
    • Oysters (in half shell) with red pepper dressing
    • Oysters (in half shell) with red pepper dressing
    • Oysters with caviar
    • Pastrami and horseradish cones
    • Pastrami muffins with chutney mayonnaise
    • Pate platter - quality pates with garnishes and toasts
    • Pickled squid
    • Pickled vegetables
    • Pimento, corn and bacon spirals
    • Pinwheel sandwiches
    • Pumpernickel salmon rounds
    • Ribbon sandwiches
    • Ricotta cheese balls
    • Roast beef and gherkin tartlets
    • Roe and leek toasts    
    • Rosti with sour cream and chives
    • Salami and sun-dried tomato wedges
    • Savoury dips (with or without crudités, biscuits)
    • Sesame beef on cucumber
    • Smoked beef and avocado on pumpernickel
    • Smoked chicken brioche
    • Smoked salmon and avocado fingers
    • Smoked salmon rolls
    • Smoked salmon with crème fraîche
    • Spicy chicken goujons
    • Stuffed celery boats
    • Sushi - assorted
    • Tuna cheese cream balls
    • Vegetable crudités

    For more information about our delicious cold food selections,
    call our friendly team today on
    07 3256 4411.

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