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    Delicious buffet food in Brisbane

    Buffet and table service food

    At Essentially Gourmet, we’re committed to creating delicious catering experiences that are tailored to your specific needs. We have a vast array of delicious dishes available, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call today on 07 3256 4411 and we’ll be able to help.

    To make your event or function as relaxing as possible, we offer wait staff at an additional cost to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

    Take a look at our excellent range of buffet and table service food below.


    We offer a range of breads, baked fresh each day, including:

    • French breads
    • Ciabatta
    • Cob Turkish
    • Panini
    • Focaccia
    • Sourdough
    • Bagels
    • Croissants

    You may consider having all of these filled with gourmet fillings and served as cold savouries.


    We have an excellent range of soups available, including:

    • Asian-style chicken soup
    • Broccoli and almond soup
    • Corn chowder
    • Cream of zucchini soup
    • Creamy corn and tomato
    • Garlic and potato
    • Gazpacho
    • Hearty potato, bacon and onion soup
    • Leek, parsnip and ginger soup
    • Mediterranean vegetable soup
    • Pumpkin, bacon and caraway soup
    • Spicy creamed prawn soup
    • Tomato and coconut soup with fish dumplings
    • Vegetable and coconut milk soup
    • Vietnamese beef noodle soup


    Top off your menu with a selection of our decadent desserts, including:

    • Apple blackberry and marmalade crumble
    • Apple lace margarettes
    • Assorted Danish and French pastries
    • Baked carrot pudding with whipped citrus sauce
    • Blueberry pie
    • Bread and butter pudding
    • Caramel and macadamia tartlets with chocolate
    • Cheesecakes, including:
      • Caramel
      • Chocolate
      • Kiwifruit and apricot
      • Mango
      • Raspberry and mango
      • Strawberry
      • Vanilla
    • Cherry custard flan
    • Chocolate and strawberry mousse
    • Chocolate cream éclairs
    • Chocolate cups with liquored fruits
    • Coffee liqueur mousse
    • Continental apple strudel
    • Custard and apple tartlets
    • Dutch apple pie
    • Lemon meringue pie
    • Liquored gateaux, including
      • Blackforest
      • Chocolate
      • Grand Marnier
      • Hazelnut
      • Mango
      • Mississippi mud
    • Liquored or fresh fruit salad
    • Mango bavaroise
    • Meringue nests with tropical fruit
    • Pavlova
    • Poached pear in red wine
    • Raspberry and Neufchâtel mille-feuilles
    • Raspberry surprise pie
    • Royal strawberry parfait
    • Spicy ginger cream trifle
    • Steamed apricot pudding with creamy brandy sauce
    • Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce
    • Strawberry crepes


    Our quiches are baked to your special requirements. Sizes available range from 40mm to 240mm and may be served either hot or cold.

    Some varieties include:

    • Bacon and corn
    • Chicken and broccoli
    • Chicken, corn and broccoli
    • Crab and camembert
    • Ham and tomato
    • Lorraine with camembert
    • Prawn and fresh brie
    • Salmon and dill
    • Smoked chicken and spinach
    • Vegetarian

    Eastern cuisine

    • Chicken with spicy peanut sauce
    • Lamb and coconut curry
    • Madras chicken curry
    • Mango chicken
    • Penang hot and sour chicken
    • Pork curry with mango
    • Rogan josh
    • Stir-fried beef with noodles
    • Thai green chicken curry
    • Thai Massaman curry


    • Asian rice salad
    • Baby spinach salad
    • Chickpea salad
    • Eggplant, tomato and sumac salad
    • Marinated vegetable salad with bocconcini and pesto dressing
    • Pear and walnut salad


    Ask us about our ever-increasing range of cakes in varying sizes to suit all occasions.

    Cold meat platters

    Our cold meat platters are professionally presented on either mirrored glass or stainless steel platters, complete with garnishes and condiments tastefully decorated to your choosing. Meats available include:

    • Seasoned roast pork
    • Premium leg ham
    • Roast beef
    • Silverside
    • Roast chicken
    • Roast turkey
    • Roast lamb
    • Smoked beef
    • Smoked turkey
    • Smoked chicken
    • Pastrami
    • Various small goods

      Entrees (to name a few)

      Here is a taster of some of the entrees we provide:

      • Scallops and bacon in filo with avocado sauce
      • Seafood kebabs with braised wild rice and avocado sauce
      • Smoked salmon potato rosti with dill mustard sauce
      • Stuffed crepes with various sauces and cheeses
      • Vegetarian filo
      • Cannelloni - meat or vegetarian
      • Glazed duck pieces with apricots
      • Chicken breast in herb and yoghurt
      • Gingered chicken breast pieces with garden avocado
      • Smoked chicken and avocado filo parcel with creamed sauce
      • Polynesian beef kebabs
      • Sweet and sour garlic-flavoured beef ribs
      • Veal noisettes with mushrooms
      • Grain-fed pork ribs in spinach sauce
      • Lamb tenderloin Provençale
      • Lamb crepes with lemon and mint yoghurt


      The sky is the limit. If you know of something exotic you wish to have, ask and we will make it for you.

      Some examples are:

      • Bacon and banana
      • Banana, bacon and apple
      • Bocconcini
      • Caesar
      • Caribbean avocado
      • Carrot salad with Thai seasoning
      • Cherry tomato mozzarella
      • Chestnut and bacon salad
      • Chicken avocado and rice salad
      • Chicken with almond and lemon mayonnaise
      • Grape
      • Greek
      • Ham and apple garden
      • Italian
      • Minted tomato and cucumber
      • Mixed herb tabouli
      • Pasta
      • Pasta with ham slithers and crème dill dressing
      • Penne with aubergine and mint pesto salad
      • Potato salad with bacon and sour cream
      • Red and green coleslaw
      • Rice and mango
      • Salade niçoise
      • Smoked ham and cheese crouton salad
      • Sun-dried tomato and pasta with pesto dressing
      • Sweet and sour carrot salad
      • Tomato and basil salad
      • Tropical rice waldorf
      • Tuna and egg


      Vegetarian dishes are a great way to balance a menu and cater for guests with special dietary requirements. Our range of vegetarian dishes include:

      • Borlotti bean moussaka
      • Carrot pesto bake
      • Creamy tomato vegetable curry
      • Courgette and walnut loaf
      • Cucumber and alfalfa tortillas
      • Eggplant and tomato bake
      • Layered potato and apple bake
      • Leek and caraway gratin with a carrot crust
      • Moroccan pumpkin on pistachio couscous
      • Mushroom and okra curry with fresh mango relish
      • Mushroom risotto fritters
      • Potato gnocchi with hazelnut sauce
      • Potato gnocchi with spinach sauce
      • Pumpkin and artichoke risotto
      • Pumpkin and pistachio risotto
      • Spicy vegetable stew with dhal
      • Spinach and potato galette
      • Spinach and ricotta cannelloni with spicy tomato salsa
      • Spring vegetable stir fry
      • Sweet vegetable couscous
      • Vegetable casserole with herb dumplings
      • Vegetarian paella
      • Vegetarian phad Thai
      • Wild rice rosti with carrot and orange puree
      • Winter vegetable casserole


      Our choice of barbecue options include:

      • BBQ fish steaks with watercress mustard butter
      • BBQ trout with pine nut filling
      • Chicken fillets in ginger lime glaze
      • Chicken fillets with mango chutney glaze
      • Chicken Maryland with orange currant glaze
      • Chicken tikka with apple riata
      • Chicken wings with curry honey glaze
      • Chilli prawns
      • Continental sausages stuffed with prunes and wrapped in bacon
      • Coriander prawns
      • Corn with parmesan mayonnaise
      • Crab-filled mushroom caps
      • Fillet mignon
      • Fish cutlets with Provencale sauce
      • Garlic lobster with jacket potato and caviar
      • Garlic prawns
      • Honey-glazed beef spare ribs
      • Lamb cutlets with mint gremolata
      • Kebabs:
        • Chicken shashlik
        • Lemon and garlic prawn
        • Lemon-honeyed lamb
        • Scallops and bacon
        • Scallops and ham
      • Mango ham steaks
      • Minted lamb burgers
      • Moreton Bay bugs with lime and coriander butter
      • Pepper steaks with horseradish sauce
      • Peppered pork patties
      • Pork croquettes with spinach sauce
      • Prawns with creamy cashew nut sauce
      • Salmon sour cream potatoes
      • Steaks - various
      • Sweet and sour spare ribs
      • Sweet and sour pork spare ribs
      • Swordfish with tomato butter and grilled asparagus
      • Tuna steaks with salsa and garlic mash
      • Veal steaks with caper butter
      • Zucchini burgers

      Terrines, pates and mousses

      Our range of terrines, pates and mousses offer something a little different instead of a traditional cold meat buffet. All our selections are decoratively moulded with garnishes, herbs and butter, and tastefully presented on either mirrored glass or platters. Options include:

      • Country-style terrines
      • Vegetarian terrines
      • Mushroom terrines
      • Smoked red salmon mousse
      • Seafood mousse
      • Duck galantines
      • Pates - various types and styles available

        Hot buffet

        A full range of hot main courses are available, presented in special ornate serving containers, capable of maintaining your special meal at the required temperature until you wish to dine.

        Some of our specialities include:

        • Beef bourguignon with French red wine
        • Beef curry gosht aur aloo
        • Beef fillet with blue cheese butter
        • Beef ribs with honey sauce
        • Beef stroganoff
        • Boned-out chicken stuffed with fruit and nuts, creamed cheese, and apricot and herbs
        • Braised sausages with leeks, pumpkin and potato
        • Casserole venison with pickled walnuts
        • Chicken breast medallions stuffed with fillings such as:
          • Avocado
          • Bacon
          • Cheese
          • Herbs or spices
          • Macadamia
          • Mango and camembert
          • Seafood
          • Shallots
        • Garnished with sauces such as:
          • Apricot
          • Avocado
          • Bacon
          • Coconut curry
          • Mango
          • Plum
        • Chicken breast strips with creme of mushroom, tarragon and tortellini
        • Chicken breast strips with creme of tomato, basil and tortellini
        • Chicken tikka tandoor
        • Chicken walnut escalope
        • Classic beef meatballs in pumpkin and tomato sauce
        • Crackle roast pork with cinnamon apple stuffing
        • Fisherman's pie
        • Garlic lobster tails
        • Ginger-orange pork fillet
        • Glazed turkey breast with mango sauce
        • Grain fed pork racks with cranberry glace
        • Hoisin lamb roast
        • Honey-roasted pork
        • Lasagne
        • Lime and coriander chicken
        • Linguine with cashew nut and garlic sauce
        • Orange pork spare ribs
        • Piri piri prawns
        • Pork fillet medallions with green ginger wine
        • Pork fillets, sweet potato and apple stuffing with rice and spinach pilaf
        • Pork medallions with prunes and cream
        • Rack of lamb with parsley and pepper crust
        • Roast lamb Florentine medallions served with a combined apricot and mint sauce
        • Slow cooked lamb with red peppers and red wine
        • Smoked turkey medallions with kiwifruit and kiwifruit sauce
        • Spanakopita pie
        • Sumac-crusted lamb fillets
        • Sweet and spicy grilled marinated leg of lamb
        • Tarragon cream beef with cheese ravioli and minted tomato parmesan
        • Teriyaki chicken with gingered rice
        • Thai green curry chicken with braised and wild rice
        • Thai red chicken
        • Thai-spiced chicken with potato rosti
        • Turkey wellington with raspberry and cranberry sauce
        • Veal noisettes with sauteed mushrooms
        • Veal strips chasseur
        • Vegetarian strudel
        • Zucchini stuffed with ground beef

        Hot vegetables

        We offer a wide selection of delicious hot vegetables, including:

        • Asparagus and potato bake
        • Baked eggplant with tomato and tarragon
        • Bean bundles wrapped in bacon
        • Braised cabbage with sesame seeds
        • Broccoli with almonds and cream
        • Broccoli with cheddar and mustard
        • Brussels sprouts with miniature corn and bacon
        • Cajun roast potato
        • Carrot straws with tarragon
        • Cauliflower with saffron and chives
        • Celery fricassee with mornay sauce
        • Cheese-stuffed tomatoes
        • Creamed mushrooms
        • Dijon carrots
        • Fresh asparagus with tarragon mustard mayonnaise
        • Green beans with sesame seeds
        • Mashed potatoes with parsley and chives
        • Peas bonne femme
        • Potato dauphinoise
        • Potato stuffed with smoked red salmon
        • Potato wedges with aioli
        • Pumpkin and almond pilau
        • Stuffed mushroom caps
        • Vichy carrots
        • Zucchini pastilles

        Eastern cuisine

        Add some exotic flavours to your menu with these delicious Eastern-inspired dishes:

        • Chicken fu yung
        • Chicken salad with vegetables
        • Chicken yakitori
        • Fried beef with bamboo shoots and mushrooms
        • Green duck curry
        • Guleh kambing (lamb curry)
        • Kashmir-style lamb
        • Malaysian fish curry
        • Mixed vegetable curry
        • Mixed vegetables in coconut milk
        • Opar ayam (chicken with coconut gravy)
        • Pork Panang curry
        • Rendang (spicy beef)
        • Rojak (Malaysian salad)
        • Shredded chicken with celery
        • Squid sambal
        • Stir-fried prawns with broccoli
        • Sweet and sour pork with coconut sauce
        • Sweet and sour prawns
        • Tandoori chicken


        • Apple pie
        • Banana and orange cake
        • Banana caramel meringue torte
        • Carrot cake
        • Coffee hazelnut layer cake
        • Crunchy caramel torte
        • Dutch apple pie
        • Hummingbird cake
        • Lemon cream torte
        • Lemon meringue pie
        • Pecan pie
        • Rocky road gateau
        • White chocolate banana torte

        For more information about our stunning range of buffet and table service food,
        call our friendly team today on 07 3256 4411

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